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Do you only work with celebrities?

Our client​ profile is fairly broad, we have worked with current and retired professional athletes, musicians, college athletes, corporate executives and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Where you will see a distinction is that we tend to work with people that are clearly doing great things already.

How do you handle confidentiality?

This work is based on trust and it is one of the most critical values at MakeCEO. What clients we work with and what they discuss with us is never shared. This is part of the reason we don't share testimonials, our commitment to protecting those clients is more important than proving were good at what we do. We also sign NDAs for many of our clients that are famous or working for publicly traded companies.

How do I know if MakeCEO is right for me?

The only person that knows that is you. What we can tell you is that we have 100% call back rate for every person we have ever worked with. Our one goal is to help you achieve your greatest success. That focus and commitment has garnered repeat clients for more than 15 years. We'd love to meet you and see if we are a fit.

Are you available for regular in person services?

Many of our clients choose to have us present for some (not all) of their meetings. If they are traveling for business, games, concerts, etc. They may request their MakeCEO rep to conduct a session on the go. This can be discussed as necessary during the intake meeting.

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