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The making of MakeCEO

Angel Franklin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer


I spent just shy of 20 years working for Fortune 500 and name maker global companies: Tesla, Ernst&Young, Cummins, and Kellogg to name a few. For much of that time I helped make Presidents, CEOs and other C-Suite Executives to be amazing leaders. My goal was always that if I could help those leaders to be great, every life they touched would be better off, and you know what, I did make those companies better. These accomplishments gave me tremendous joy.

But I would occasionally come across some tabloid or celebrity horror story and I would think "...with CEO coaching and consulting that wouldn't have happened. How is no one helping protect and uplift these tremendously talented people." This thought nagged at me for the better part of a decade. The idea that people with hugely influential roles and impact were not getting this type of support. They weren't being treated like CEOs when in many cases their impact and reach was equal to or even greater; athletes, artists, musicians, as well as corporate leaders outside of the c-suite. Everyone of these people are CEOs in their own right, they have the ability to move and inspire millions with a sentence and something about helping them to achieve their greatest potential and positive influence in the world just inspired me. 

The quality of a CEO can make or break your company, so the organizations I have worked with get every insight, investment, consulting, development and resource to ensure that they succeed. I believe that more of you are worthy of receiving those insights; ones that will help drive your success, that will keep you out of controversy and into achieving your fullest potential in all aspects of work and life. At MakeCEO our one goal is simple, to help make you the CEO you were made to be.

Our Vision: About
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